Al Etihad Microfinance Program

Our vision

We contribute to enabling poor families to improve themselves. Our purpose is to contribute to improving the social and living standards of families with low and poor incomes in the urban and rural areas of Yemen, and improving and developing various financial and non-financial services and products that suit the needs of the target families in the ban and countryside of Yemen.

Our Destination
Providing high-quality targeted financial services through effective administrative systems and qualified staff.
Our Strategic Targets
Improving and developing various financial and non-financial services and products to suit the needs of the targeted families in rural Yemen.
Values And Principles
Cooperation and teamwork, transparency, honesty and clarity, loyalty and belonging, justice and honesty, and the quality and perfection of work.

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Our Funds

Using rational financing and investment strategies in line with global best practices, the Etihad Microfinance Program prides itself on its diversified financing acount, which is very diversified and spread across a variety of investments and mechanisms that are managed with great care and diligence to ensure that the highest returns are adjusted according to risks for the individual and the family, and to provide a financial value long term.

Financing is done with our own way and monitoring it strategically, to ensure the risks involved in the estimated assets within the set limits, and to ensure that the investment activities achieve the desired financial targets.

Number of clients
Number of loans
The proportion of women
Target families

Product Management

Availability of the product management unit in the Etihad Microfinance Program, which is licensed by ************************************* , Investment advice and investment project management solutions, as it focuses specifically on the labor market throughout the Republic. It covers consulting solutions and investment services provided by the Etihad Microfinance Program.

Our service philosophy is based on a basic conviction that in-depth investment studies and analyzes and direct communication with clients, companies and decision-makers are the most important factors contributing to enhancing the value of investors’ assets and achieving strong returns with calculated risks.

Educational product80%
Investment product85%
Residential product80%
Agricultural product90%
Fish product90%